First Snow

Groovy Girls Go…..For a Walk

The walk is under-rated….and so, I sneak out, before the house wakes up, to see the Montana Sky all lit up with stars…..

I grab a coat, put my cow-girl boots on, sneak down the stairs ….. and there’s the proverbial blanket of white as far as the eyes can see.  I look out across the cloud puff of my breathe, wide smile across my face.  My first snow of the season, over-looking the Rockies, in Montana, over my birthday weekend, shared with a dear friend, my family, and messages from friends afar whom I love dearly.  It’s the simple things in life…..

I take the first steps and my ears are tickled with the crunch of the flakes breaking underneath my boots.  I’m in appreciation of this magical moment as I snuggle into my warm jacket, breathe in the tingle of cold, and head out up the road to see where my cold Tulley Toes take me….

The sky is starting to wake as there are streaks of light stretching their fingers as they begin to embrace the day.  It’s a moment where all moments are converging as the sun-light fingers reach up to touch their twinkling friends that are the brightest of the bright as they shine through the last of the clouds that have left behind their white markings.

And so I just walk….

The stars continue to twinkle, the light continues to stretch out across the sky, my boots keep crunching flakes, and I couldn’t be any happier.  Each breath is like a cloud of my thoughts that I’m putting out into the world, hopes, dreams, and wishes for my life and for all those who I’m lucky enough to have in my life, that makes it everything it is.  And so I walk, and think, and talk to myself, and talk to the universe, and talk to my friends who can’t really hear me, but hear me….and I circle back over my own footprints, and back to the ranch.  The stars begin to fade into the sunshine of the morning.  The mountains outline the colorful rays that continue to sneak peaks, over their peak.

A magical morning, continuing my magical birthday weekend….with hopes of it becoming the start to a magical year. 

Groovy Girls Go …… For a Walk, Under the Stars, On the First Snow





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