Groovy Girls Go……For a Boost

Sometimes what we really need in order to give our running lives a boost, is to give our life a boost.


         Running shoes tied around the strap of my backpack, my soles exposed and in need of healing, holding the hand of my daughter, I took getting grounded to the sky. 


Each of us is responsible for taking in the nutrients we need in order to keep ourselves balanced.  Each person’s infusion is going to look differently….sometimes the boost may even look like packed luggage, toys in the backpack, boots on, a few phone calls made, and a lift to the airport.  The trips that just come together are often exactly what we need in order to get everything back together. 


The past 365 miles of my life road have undoubtedly been some of the hardest, most rocky, most questioning, and yet all the while sprinkled with the biggest smiles, and personal triumphs. I just didn’t take this last pot-hole very well and when you’re out of alignment, there’s not much else to do but go get lined back up.  It’s no secret that I’m a girl of going, I crave movement, I crave still, I crave laughter and playing, I crave snuggles…..I crave views. 


It took no miles, it took 12 miles, it took 7 miles


And so, after a weekend of turning older and turning corners to majestic views of the Rockies, my Dear friend, our laughing children, my Mom hopeful, my smile returns.  I find myself on the plane, dancing in my seat, and I realize, I’m back….it took thousands of miles, but I’m dancing in my seat again! 


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