Groovy Girls Go…….Winning Boston

The marathon is a clear reflection of the human spirit….of what it is to be human.  The marathon draws out the good, the bad, the ugly…..and everything in between.

I recognized a runner near the starting line of the Boston Marathon this year.  I smiled, called out to him a hello, he came over and told me, “I hope you win!”

“I plan on it.” I said…….and 26.2 miles later I sincerely felt as if I had.

The Boston Marathon course is in no way new to me….but feeling successful at this marathon certainly is.  This is ironic, because every time I run this marathon it garners tons of support, excitement, well wishes, and encouragement.  But this year was different.  This year I sincerely just ran my own race.

Runners seem to have this tendency to down-play their runs.  Everyone whines of their lack of training, their injuries, their inability to this-that-or-the-other….when in all reality we’ve all met our weekly mileage, we all got up on Saturdays at ungodly hours, we all missed events for someone we love in order to train.  That’s right, I said it, we trained.  Most of us didn’t and haven’t had to push through some life-altering injury.  None of us were struck down with something that put us in ICU.  No one had a near-death experience…..we all just miss out on saying “I trained.  I’m putting it all out there and come what may.”

My mom sent a text (unbenounced to me until after the run actually) to my family saying that this was a “healing run.”  It certainly was – and it was.  Trusting the journey that allows one to toe the line of a marathon takes dedication, a team, trust, and above all else: Faith.  Faith in the greater gifts that only humans can give to one another.  Faith that there will be cool water when the sun is hot.  Faith that there will be food when you feel starved.  Faith that when you are thirsty it will be quenched.  Faith that when you are shivering someone will cover you for warmth.

The course is a journey and for me to trust that journey, even when I know the route, can be oh-so difficult.   Putting myself out there to be so vulnerable that you are completely at the mercy of strangers is humbling and beautiful….because when I run, I put out there every and all of my weaknesses.  And yet, I crossed that finish line happier than I’ve been in years.


I put my faith in my fellow humans and I was not disappointed.  I’ve been disappointed – beyond words let down in ways I had no idea a person could be let down…..  But, as my mother said, this was a race of healing and it’s time to believe again.  This was my time to chase a unicorn……….


Groovy Girls Go………Catching Their Unicorn



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