Groovy Girls Go…….In the Name of Love

Today was a day of getting to do what I love………….and I love to run.  

It’s such a blessing to have feet that will hold me, legs that can go the distance, lungs that can handle the task, and a heart that loves. I’ve always know I like running. I get a feeling of control when I run. I know I feel better when I run. Since running I’ve barely gotten sick. I know I’m not skinny but I’m healthy and I feel good in my clothes. I get a chance to think through life and play out responses and actions in my head before delivery…….but today, today I knew I was in love.
Why today you may wonder? Because today I got up and ran a bit over 10 glorious miles in a snow globe. Every step was an adventure and the view was stunning. It’s that wet snow that sticks to everything as if God personally came down and frosted the world.  

Every bit of me was happy and I could have ran forever………….but I couldn’t and my toes found their way to the gymnasium where I sat shivering, in my wet running clothes, watching my daughter play basketball.  

Now, I was watching her be happy. She got a bucket, got a steal, fouled a little boy who whined incessantly, and was happy. So, really, I was shivering, but still happy.
We finagled a lift home where I made her lunch, got her uniform in the wash, and tinkered with a few other mommy chores and then changed into tree-mil-running-clothes and laced up again.  
Now I am told that you can split up long runs and I have no evidence if this is even remotely true……but alas, I’m telling myself it’s the truth so therefore it must be true. I have 10 miles to do on this thing while my little girl happily gets her tv and electronic time and my wash cycles through.  
As I was approaching the last few miles, I hurt just like a 20 miler, I was thirsty just like a 20 miler, I was ready to be done just like a 20 miler; but I also knew I was in love. I was in love enough to finish what I had started and love can make you do crazy things! I’m 20 miles closer to Boylston street, but my heart is in love……maybe Boston will have to rename heartbreak hill…………
Groovy Girls Go………Love Always Wins


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