Groovy Girls Go……..Carefully

As I pull down my shades and pull up my scarf, I’m eager to make my way onto the trail on a sunny Sunday. It’s gorgeous on the trails as the sun streaks through the bare winter branches and I’m eager to take in the crisp air and just disappear in nature for a bit. 
The first few steps are refreshing. My feet hitting the earth and my stride lengthening out………

However the next few steps are to be some of my last carefree strides for a while and I’ll long to finish on such secure ground for the next two hours.  
The sunlight reflects the beauty of the ice as it glistens and sparkles; however that’s siren beauty to the runner. Ice is a great equalizer. Each step is a chance and regardless if the step is right or wrong, there’s a chance to slip. 
So, for the next two hours I dodge ice, beg the running gods for dirt, and timidly shuffle on a trail that thankfully I know well. I knew better than to head out without spikes or screws or yaks or or or or…….but I wasn’t prepared and so I chose to make the best of it. The day was gorgeous, the temp was better than it had been in weeks, and yes the trail was a bit icy…….but life isn’t always solid footing and lately if I waited for solid footing I wouldn’t leave my bed. 
Despite the path being icy, I knew underfoot was solid just as I know I’m solid and so are the people I surround myself with. So I took it one grounded step at a time, avoiding the slick spots and running on to solid ground. Some places had easier footing than others and I was thankful for the reprieve. Other places I started to slide, my arms started to flail and I had to breathe and give total attention to keep from landing on my back side. I kept thinking of a saying throughout this run about falling 7 times and getting up 8 (or whatever number my life tumbles may be currently on). 
Regardless, I ran. I enjoyed pulling down my shades as the sun sparkled from the sky and reflected up in glittering splashes as I navigated a slippery section of running and thought through a slippery section of life.  
I’m fortunate to have running and the time and situations running affords me, to think through life’s slickest spots. I’ve run long enough to know that the seasons change and ice melts………I’m blessed enough to have, and know that I have, solid ground underneath me that keeps me grounded……..regardless of the most slippery of spots. And for him I’m grateful.
Groovy Girls Go…….Solidly, Even If It

Is On The Ice 


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