Groovy Girls Go……No Lie

If you ever need to be reminded of your worth……..go for a run. It’s an honest reflection of all that you put into life.  



Hard Work





All the things that I want to be surrounded by in this lifetime I see reflected in my runs. 
I was told the other day that I was a miserable person……..I think of course I have moments where I feel miserable. I haven’t liked all the things that have happened to me in my life. I haven’t liked the liars I have to deal with; nothing is more maddening than a person cold-stone-face lying; but it happens – they really do exist. Sometimes I can let the moment roll by, other times enough-is-enough and I lash back. Either way, the moment is sure to pass and it’s my own reflection I have to live with.  
Lacing up and letting my soles set free my soul usually clears my mind and I can see the situation for what it is……a moment. I love collecting moments and I know experiencing these moments truly allow me to appreciate the more amazing moments……possibly even more fully. 
The run puts you in a place to see the beauty of the world we live in. A friend meeting you under the cold gray sky seems a little less cold and a little less gray. Running friends who call just because they’re in the area and suddenly the after-run cold isn’t quite as cold. The time in nature with the feel of the wind as my body moves itself through a stunning icy setting not everyone sees. It’s a lot like having a private tour of a gallery with visions upon visions of priceless pieces. It’s knowing that I can keep a promise and not cheat because we all know come race day, cheaters get outed. It’s a chance to find people who let you laugh loudly and even if they mind, keep it to themselves and just let you laugh. 
Running, and my running family, is a reflection of my beautiful life. All the pieces of my beautiful, sometimes messy, but absolutely not miserable life! 
Groovy Girls Go………..Honestly Happy


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