Groovy Girls Go…….wound up

As the year winds down, while winding up, my mind is racing with thoughts and memories of moments I want to make sure I collect. Just like a run, some memories, like miles were harder than others…….some happened easily……..and still others were magical. I find this is exactly my life (as is probably most people’s).  
I didn’t think I was thankful for every memory if I’m being honest. Some make me sob with sadness and some make me so ridiculously angry I can’t even formulate a sentence. But, as I was thinking about these memories, as they relate to miles, I realized I am thankful for each experience. I don’t necessarily have to like each one, and I certainly don’t want them to repeat; but to reflect upon how they came to be is valuable and I can take from them the lesson I was meant to learn…….then run on…………leaving them far – far – far into my dust.  
As I sit, post run, in the sun, I know I’ve had some of the most amazing views and runs this past year. Runs I could have never experienced without equally amazing people in my life….and when I say AmAzInG we all know that word is only a slightly strong enough modifier to express just how really make-life-better-for-everyone-they-know kind of people they are. It’s in knowing these people and in watching their modeling of loving relationships that I have found strength to run a path that leaves behind anything but love. So I run………because in this past year I have understood people less than I ever thought I could. People who said they loved me did some and said some of the damnedest things………I’m telling you……and in those moments I tried to make sense of their actions and words and I just never could. I felt guilty for wanting to leave but I felt even worse when I endured what they had to give. So one day I just stopped. I stopped a run, I listened……..but this time it was for the last time. I realized I would never stop for such nonsense again………
I am so excited to run into 2017 in love……in love with love…….in love with the every person I’m keeping in my life…… love with a little girl who’s every smile bring joy to my life…….in love with training again……and in love with every road my soles get to run. So I’m getting wound up as this year winds down. I’m ready to run.

Groovy Girls Go……Just the Right Amount of Tight


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