Groovy Girls Go…..Fall-ing

I’ve fallen in love with fall, with life, with love, and thankfully I’m still in love with running. The Michigan morning was crisp, but frankly quite perfect for a run. The trail had been showered with a multitude of foliage and no step was without the cushioning spring that the layers of leaves provided.

I sat in the warmth of my car, eager for the minutes to tick by before go time.

My daughter, and friends, had run a race the day before and had set the bar high with the girls coming in 1 – 2 – 3……. Now it was my turn.

Trail races can bog down quickly and I was there to be anything but bogged down, I’m feeling anything but bugged down, so I took off with the lead and never looked back….. I looked down a lot, up and out a lot; but never back.

The path was new to me……but gorgeous. The trees still had enough foliage to play peek-a-boo with the sun-beams and as I ran the switch back, the light lit-and hid-and-shimmered-and spot lighted all of Fall’s colorful beauty. New paths, new adventures, new roots, new turns, new twists, and of course new slips. Everything I love about running, I’m loving about life.
The course saw me slipping, getting tangled up, catching my step after getting out of step, stumbling, but also powering up hills, striding out and picking up speed on the straights, and never once stopping.

New loves aren’t just any one way, just like a new trail doesn’t have just one kind of terrain. The beauty is in experiencing it all with grace and loving the experience for just that….the experience. The joy of being alive, taking a risk, having strength to keep going, and sometimes getting a little lucky to miss at least a few of the rocks and roots.

Groovy Girls Go…….Falling in Love in the Fall


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