Groovy Girls Go…..Running on Empty

Running on Empty

There is nothing about Friday after the work week, sleepless nights filled with haunts of living a nightmare, the sadness that goes with loss, the put-on-a-happy-face for my beautiful child, happy co-worker, mother, lover that says go for a run………oh no wait; every part of every part of that does indeed say “go run”!

Every part of the week can make you weak but every part of the run keeps you running.  I’ve never regretted lacing up and getting out the door, even when every cylinder was firing against me.  I’m lucky that I’ve run long enough on empty at other times in my life to know that this too will pass.  Something, on someday, will come along and add fuel once again to my fire and it’ll burn bright again.  I believe the key to my ignition is out there; I just have to be patient.

There’s nothing about being passed by that I like, which helps drive my spirit and keeps me lacing up……And until I’m back up, running on all cylinders……I’ll be grateful to be running at all.

Groovy Girls Go…….Thankful There are More Than One Key on a KeyRing


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