Groovy Girls Go…….Stopping Traffic

Ok, so I didn’t exactly stop traffic……but traffic was certainly stopped.  

So…….after sitting for an hour in the parking lot that had been I 96, in my running clothes, I couldn’t NOT run.  

I had already gotten out of my car to stretch out and check the scene (which was grim at best) I did what any runner would have done, I ran through traffic.

The voices in my head wondered if I should be embarrassed and begged me to stop, but my shoes were louder and my breathing then replaced the nay-sayers in my brain. 

I laughed at myself while people sitting in cars, dressed nicely for work, laughed with me.  I saw people on phones, reading, singing, sleeping, and best of all kissing!  We aren’t often given the gift of time in life but when you are; do what you love……

Groovy Girls Go…………For a Run in Traffic


One thought on “Groovy Girls Go…….Stopping Traffic

  1. Again, beautiful Kacey

    I also stopped to think as ran last night with great friends with the Atwater Run Club. I was in the middle of Jefferson going against and with traffic at the same time. As I ran I felt the eyes of naysayers on my back. I thought about how they think my life is like a train wreck without realizing I am training for the marathons of life. With each step, with each stride I felt winded and tired. As I grew weary, I looked up and the city I love and thought of the people I cherish. My lungs filled with hope with every deep breath. As I turned the corner to get to the end of the run I cut of a lady who was nice enough to let me pass but drove a head of me. I ran faster to follow. My legs felt weak but my lungs were full, and my heart was complete. as I breathed even deeper and thought deeper still. I saw the river. I saw my friends. I felt my home in my heart. I picked up my pace. As I finished where I started I felt peace. I felt complete. I felt I could run anywhere with my home in my heart and love in my head. This run was over so I stopped running but I continued to walk to the river on tired legs with my home in my head and the people I cerish on my mind

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