Groovy Girls Go……Clearing the Path

Sometimes there is so much debris on a path that it’s not even worth going down…..other times however, the path is worth clearing! 

I went out for a recovery run and that’s exactly what happened; I cleared away the debris and the path was certainly worth the effort.

Running can do that for a person; if you push through the self-doubt, the insecurities, the fear of failure, and just go….. The path is most often worth every step. 

….. And so with everything I am, I travel down the path that needs clearing……with a strong stride……ready to give a new path a try… wide!

Groovy Girls Go……Onto a Clear Path 


2 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go……Clearing the Path

  1. Path not posts.
    Good luck at school this week. Your new path will inspire young minds as they run from their new adventures. I know you will help them determine what is debris and what are lessons to be learn along their journey.

    Be well and be great

  2. Kacey Renee,

    You are an amazing teacher. You help children find their own voice to be heard in the world by guiding and mentoring. You teach them to take “life’s” debris out of their way. You allow them to dream, think, and jump. You present them with the proper information and offer the tools to make informative choices for the paths they should travel. You provide options so they understand what debris to disgard to by tossed and what debris to disregard to be used to build.

    Granted you give direction but the freedom is theirs. As we both know sometimes little things are over looked. If they don’t recieve, read, analyze, and review all the materials gifted to them how can they truly make a fair decision? As I have learned we can’t just read what is comfortable. You provide the strength so they can find comfort.

    I have been fortunate enough to have been taught by you. You made me think. You challenge me. You asked me to read “everything”. You asked me to review. You taught me to find my voice and JUMP from lilly pad to lilly pad. If for some reason I miss the lilly pad I know I have found the strength that will help me swim to shore.

    You are an amazing teacher and a blessing to those willing to learn. Thank you!

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