Groovy Girls Go……….Thicker Skin After the Healing

No two days are ever the same, no different than no two runs are ever the same.  Yet, day after day I get up ready to give life my all, making the best.  No different than my runs.  Day after day I lace up ready to give my all to make the best of my miles.  

Just as in the daily path of life, the running terrain plays a crucial role in output of effort, time, even distance able to be covered.  There are so many factors tied into having a great run……but then again, some days nothing goes into having a great run.  In addition, sometimes runners just have to take what we can get. 

Everyday something about life surprises me so I’m unsure why I am surprised when runs surprise me….I’m clicking along on a pavement path-run.  The sun is hot and I’m thankful for the bits of foliage that drape over small sections giving some reprieve.  At one point there’s an unassuming branch that catches me just right, it’s contact with my skin slices my arm.  Just as this isn’t my first mile, it’s not my first scratch.  But, as the run continues, the wound opens up a bit and my sweat begins to sting and the blood runs down my arm.  

Red lines emerge on either side of the cut and when I’m done running there’s a throbbing ache that takes me by surprise; but that I just have to take.  This isn’t what is going to defeat me or my running…..not today at least.

I had to feel the pain in order to then heal from the pain.  Fortunately for me, this one isn’t going to scar…….and I’ll have a bit tougher skin for the next run!

Groovy Girls Go……..A Little Scratched Up


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