Groovy Girls Go…..Damned Up

Running is hardly ever easy.  I wonder if that’s sometimes it’s biggest draw…..the fact that not everybody even can do it (and certainly not everybody wants to do it!)

Now I’m not saying everybody had to be fast.  Because I also live by the motto that there is always someone faster, stronger, cuter, richer…….always.  It’s becoming comfortable with your own-self, but running is more than that.  Running is being able to find comfort within being uncomfortable.  

As I run up to the Hungry Horse damn, it’s one of the most beautiful sites! It’s a perfect temperature. The mountains are touchable from the road.  The whisper of the clouds are weaving their way throughout the pines that reach to where Heaven meets earth. 

The mountain road winds it’s way up, and up, and up, and up…..each step is stunning despite my inability to breathe at this altitude and with this climb.  Each step is painful and with every step up I’m finding that I have to will myself to keep going forward.  I’m however in good company and my Will to succeed is stronger than my Desire to quit.  

The damn, I’m not going to lie, was a welcomed sight and I knew then that the 5 miles back was now essentially all downhill.  The free falling feel of running downhill is fast and exciting compared to the work of each inch that going up demands.  To experience my feet flying amongst these clouds playing in the pines was freeing and worth the agony that has now flown from my mind……all that’s left is the fun run.

Groovy Girls Go…….Up to go Down


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