Groovy Girls Go…..Knowing It’s Going To Be Tough

Truth be told, I believe it’s safe to run in our comfort zone paces……and I suppose that’s fine for many after all safe is called safe for a reason.   Running comfortably can be fun, you can talk, still get miles in, and even cross finish lines for medals.  

I get it, not everyone cares about the clock, I’m not even really sure how much I “care.”  But I certainly am not, not willing to work my ass off.  So today, the weather was crappy, I was suppose to do 4 easy, but I had a chance to get on a tred mill and I don’t know if there’s any better way of keeping honest than pressing that faster button?

And so I took to the power of the hamster wheel and spun my little legs until they couldn’t turn over anymore.  

I ran outside my comfort zone because I’m certain I wasn’t having any conversations with anyone and I’m also certain life begins when you’re willing to risk picking up the pace.  

So I’m putting myself out there.  Taking chances in life…..maybe going too fast…..the clock will tell.

And hitting that speed up button on my tred in the hopes of finding a new comfort zone hoping the clock will tell.

Groovy Girls Go……….For a New Comfort Zone


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