Groovy Girls Go…….Hitting the Road

Summer is an amazing time for my daughter and I.  It’s a chance to really connect and reconnect with the most important characters in my life.  The strangers I have collected and whom have become family.  Beautiful characters who add such beauty and joy to my life story and for whom I am ever thankful to the universe for placing along my road.  

I sit in the back passenger seat, bouncing along a dirt road, traveling the first leg up a mountain.  My pretty painted toes sparkle in the mountain sun in my flip flops.  The car is filled with souls that equal the beauty of the mountain and the laughter is as sweet as the vanilla infused bark of the spruce pines surrounding us.  

We make a turn and happen upon a mountian meadow.  Bleached and twisted branches adorn nature’s flower garden and as the kids jump out of the truck to run……I’m happy.  

I change into my shoes, jump out of the truck and skip up ahead the rocky mountian road to glimpse the next part of our journey and for a flicker of a thought I wish I was running.  My thought hasn’t even completed when a voice behind me, with such excitement asks, are you going to run?

Here, take my skirt……do you mind?  

No, go…….

And now I am no longer a passenger, I’m my own vehicle, moving my own body, sun on my body, breeze blowing past, muscles adjusting, feet settling in……I’m a runner and I was running.  

I had no plan, yet I know if you run up a mountain, you will eventually get to the top.  Collectively we had no plan, we had no map…….but now I did.  I knew I wanted to be my own way.  And so I ran.  I moved myself over some of the most stunning terrain I’ve ever seen.  Every step I climbed a little higher towards the sky; because I could.  

I’m certain I could go on and on about how breath taking each step was……how every rock I moved past was merely a stepping stone for something even more beautiful up ahead…….yet the best part of the story for me was hearing that the kids, following behind me in the truck, got out and ran a bit too.  My daughter, my friends, they all get to hear the stories; but now we all got a chance to be characters in the same adventure story.  

A story where I got to do what I love, followed closely by some of the people I love the very most in my life-story.  People who get me and got what I was going to do even before I knew myself…… And the best part……….we all came out on top……..together.

Groovy Girls Go……….together. 


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