Groovy Girls Go………Plan the Work

It’s time to shake off the cobwebs before they get too thick and get back in the saddle.   It’s time to put myself on the line in order to get me to that next starting line.

Change has been in all caps in my life lately so I might as well make a change with my running now too.  I watch quietly while others post about splits, paces, work-outs, ladders, hill repeats, and plans.  I get it, there is a science to running fast that goes well beyond someone just being able to gut it out.  I’ve always been pretty gutsy and I certainly wouldn’t consider myself weak…..but my weakness is trusting myself.  My weakness is really putting myself out there.  My weakness is setting publicly my bar high…..I risk not getting up there.  

Today I missed my splits.  I can throw out 20 different reasons why I was off but at the end of the run, the numbers don’t lie and even though I felt like I had a great run, I fell short of my plan.  

So as I ran into the house of my Montana bestie, hugged her like I may never let go, I let go of my failed run.  And as I did finally let go of her, I let go of any feelings of failure.

So as I reach out to embrace some pretty big life changes, it’s also time to let go.  It’s time to forgive myself for missing some life splits.  I’ve got a million reasons why things didn’t work out but at the end of the day I fell short.  However, it’s time to let go because no where in this new plan does it say to keep beating myself up over past missed splits.  

I’ve got a new plan and I’m gonna work this plan with all I’ve got.   Not only am I going to have to run faster, I’m going to have to forgive myself faster too.  And so it will go;  I’m embracing this change because at the end of this plan is happily-ever-after……………

Groovy Gilrs Go……Work the Plan


2 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go………Plan the Work

  1. I like that. When people wish me luck I thank them but reply that I don’t believe in luck. I like to prepare and then be prepared.

    Thank you for the reminder plan your work then work your plan…
    …as you know when you have so many with some larger than life it gets stressful

    Thank you

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