Groovy Girls Go……..Right

Turn left, turn right, go straight, loop around, follow ……. And so the route goes for a runner .  And then one day the runner wakes up and they have no idea where they are, it’s dark, and directions are merky at best.  It is in these moments, when we still lace up, that we run the risk of actually running right into the right path.

So trail runs aren’t new to me; however this trail was.  Looking around the empty parking lot and despite wondering if the trail was ever used, the Michigan trail markers were legit and I figured I could run my way out of a lot of miles worse case.  I had water and better yet, through it all, I have my soles. 

I’m lost in life …….

Why not be lost on the trails……..

And so I ran in.  Knowing full well where I have been. Turning back to see a perfectly good, barrier free, easy footing road.  I know the flat road that led me to this wooded place.  Yet, the road was not my path anymore and it was time to get back to me. 

 I’m not even sure what me means, but finding me is certainly not on the road.  

The trail is rugged, barely used, rooted, and technical.  At first I don’t find any markings but do find myself running in circles.  As I’m looping around thinking to myself I’ve seen this before I stop……..because I’ve seen this before.  Change is hard, risking everything is scary and getting lost sucks; but the alternative sucks more.   

I notice what may be a path next to my path and so I cut across the brush and pick up the trail at whatever point this cut-through is.  I now have even more of no idea where I am, and no markers, but I have me.  I have my choice to take a risk, put myself out there, and now see where this barely used trail can take me.  

This trail is like a life vision one has for themselves.  It’s enough of a path to be considers a plan but only in the working of the plan will the path become more clear…..and so I ran.  I picked up the pace because if I’m going to be lost I may as well be lost and out of breath.  And once again, in a moment of gasping for air, unsure if this is the turn to make – I chose to do it anyways……..

And just like that………….there are markings on the trail and the way is indeed; clearly marked. 

Groovy Girls Go…………..Trusting the Right Path Will Reveal Itself at the Right Time


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