Groovy Girls Go…….Whoa!

Whoaaaaaa…….and the eyes tell it all.  

Montana and her friend Amanda had willingly hopped into the tube for a “chill axing” stroll around the lake as we celebrated the end of school and the start of summer break.  The girls knew they were in store for a fun ride …….. they didn’t know they were in store to take flight. 

The engine started to whir and the girls gave huge smiles to signal go.   The boat launched forward, the wake waves came in just at that moment, and the combination propelled the two to catch some serious air.  

My eyes went wide and my mouth went even wider;  which was nothing compared to Montana’s face.  Wide open eyes of sheer terror and a mouth frozen in fear at least for the moment.


As she came smacking down, the tube kept together and she kept herself together.  Despite a face blow to the tube upon splash, she held it all in and stayed on for a couple turns around the lake.  The whole time I think she was sitting on that tube in utter horror and anticipation of the next take off…….

Groovy Girls Go……Up, Up, and Away


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