Groovy Girls Go……..Bam!

Mama, I want to see the world.  
Out of the mouths of babes. So traveling to the same place was out of the question. So, we got out her wooden puzzle map of the United States and looked to see where we have gone before and what is left to see; but still warm.
We drew our fingers along the route of our travels last Easter break when we traveled to Hilton Head. We covered a lot of ground on that driving trip and collected quite a few mugs.  
Once our fingers drew to where we turned last year to the Carolina’s our fingers took a different turn. We would have to go through Tennessee (another new place for us) and then on into Alabama.  
So, it wasn’t hard, the distance looked drive-able, the weather was sure to be at least warmer than Michigan, and regardless, we’d be along the ocean.  
We make decisions like that. We set a goal, look about, and then jump. 

…….and the next jumping will be into the waves of the ocean. 

Groovy Girls Go………To AlAbAmA


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