Groovy Girls Go……….In Control

I’d be bold enough to call a person a liar if they tried to say life never spins a little out of control on us at times.  

It happens.  

To the best of us.  

It’s of course how we react to such spinning that defines our character and the imprint we leave upon the world.  I recently was asked to write a story about a running friend who died.  My world stopped spinning for a bit.  The story kept me up for a week.  I’ve never written something with such care.  I’ve never written something so important.  To share a story of a life is ………… Amazing.  

This crept into my mind on my run this morning and in the dawn, it dawned on me.  I run because, for those miles, I’m in complete control.  I am my own person.  My beliefs, my hopes, my fears, they are all mine and in my mind, I’m in complete control. 

I control how far.

I control how fast. 

I control how tough.

In those miles there is no problem outside of my control.  In those miles answers are so vividly clear.  In those miles I am one with my mind, my breath, and of course my soles.  I am aware of every drop of sweat pouring from my body, taking with it all negativity, pain, and doubt. 

My body is left with strength, perseverance, and a determination that fuels me all day and keeps me from spinning faster than I really ever need.

Because when I reread the article of my friend; I don’t find myself crying anymore.  I do however find myself desiring a life that just doesn’t spin so damn much.  Nothing that worked into the piece on his life was about spinning chaos. The highlight reel was love, compassion, friendship, and of course, running.  

I run so that my highlight reel won’t spin out of control, but will run at just the right speed to share just how much I loved the life I lived and the people who were bold enough to play a part.

Groovy Girls Go…………..Controlling the Run So We Can Stay In Control


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