Groovy Girls Go………DTRW Holiday Party

Before I even opened the doors I could hear the joyous laughter and the loud buzz of happy that was the hit soundtrack of the 2015 DTRW Holiday party.

I’m a broken record (or writer to be more accurate) when I say our hugs are as important as any amount of miles logged and I couldn’t wait to pull open the door and start logging hugs. 

The party was in full swing, the food was a plenty, the friends were countless, and the drinks ‘runneth’ over.   Our ultra comfortable, ever efficient shoes had been traded in for strappy and sparkles.  And the attire probably wouldn’t last a mile running the streets if Detroit, but oh how our glitter shined.  

Personalities of gold, shimmered in gold and smiles lit up the room prettier than any strands of bulbs.  It was all things joyous of the season, collected in an unsuspecting hall, where the magic of the season was magical.  

We reminisced……

We laughed……..

We danced……….

We ate……..

We drank……….and……..

We made plans to run.  

Groovy Girls Go……..Trading in my Asics and shorts for a night of heels and sparkles.


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