Groovy Girls Go………..Dirty Surprises 

Groovy Girls Go……..For Surprises
The ‘yuck’ factor on the ‘adventure’ trail 100k relay-team leg I was doing, called for ‘surprises’…….I couldn’t have been more surprised as I was getting wallupped on the head as I ran under the ripe, autumn acorn trees. I’d already ran through swamps, thrown out two pair of now ruined shoes, lept over logs and puking runners, so looking up to see if anyone was throwing them at me seemed perfectly logical in this illogical day……and Murphy’s law would have it, ‘smack’ between the eyes, “surprise!”
Case-in-point that anything can happen, and every runner goes, in any way they can, because there’s no stories better than a Dances with Dirt trail relay story. They may be the only ‘un-toppable running stories out there. I mean really, where can you come up on a lost porn star in the woods while wearing a tutu and keep going without blinking an eye. I know! Right! A grown man with a star on his head and gold tighty-whitees running in the woods.  
And in the event that you had too much time on your hands and wanted to play a game in between running legs, our very own Groovy Girls Andrea, Angie, Sandra, and Nicole were wearing a body twister game! Or, you could have also tracked and ran down the “Where is Waldo” team if you were feeling sporty! I know I personally was running away from the bumblebees. Personal safety always makes me go faster!
The relentless twisting and turning of the trail was merely the path to deeper and darker mud pits I would need to crawl my way out of, and as quickly as possible I might add. I have but one strategy after all these years of mud running, run hard enough to stay up with the tall and lankey fast boys so when I step into the bottomless black mud pit and the swamp swallows me up over my head, someone taller is there to offer their hand and help me out so I don’t become DWD legend.
The sucking of the swamp has never been so distinct as this year, as it was cementing itself around my shoes, not letting go. I, however, knew I still had miles to go and this was no time to give barefoot running an inaugural go, so I wiggled and squirmed until I won over mud. I lept over logs, rumpused over rivers, and rocked the rock running as I embraced each step of this day in the woods. I’m never more thankful for my commitment to fun running than I am when I pop out of the thick and the mud gets baked onto my face as I sprint in the last two miles of my relay leg to give my team-mate a gruesome smelly hug ‘hand-off’ and watch them head into the muddy unknown…………..
Groovy Girls Go……With Mud on their Face



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