Groovy Girls Go…….Sometimes Sinner, Sometimes Saint, Sometimes Both

So in the same day I inspired someone, pissed someone off, was loved brilliantly, ignored and insulted…….I’m sure if I think about it some more I could bullet point endlessly all the gammits of my day.

I’m haunted by some more than others……..

Luckily I had a ten-mile trail run to hash them over, make a plan, and then get off the trail to work the plan……even if that plan is to just ‘let go.’  My running is  an opportunity to sweat it all out because crying while running is pretty damn tough.

I don’t set out to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I award that positive intent to others as well.  It took me too many years to come to that awareness.  I wish I had had someone smack me with it ten years ago…….  (I guess I should have started running long sooner!) I just text with my brother and he and I were not entirely on the same page on an issue, but come on, I said, that guy is a DB.  Some people just are…..true he replied.  

The reality is some people are those people who don’t take positive intent, who haven’t seen you in forever, and instead of finding a happy topic begin peppering busy-body, dig up crap questions…..really?

Something about sweating allows me to sift through a situation and usually see it pretty clearly.  Ironically the sweat cleans away all the BS and I see just the facts, and I’m ok now too if it was me being the DB.  I take ownership.  I apologize, or frankly I don’t.  Sometimes speaking the truth is ok and I’m ok with ok.  And sometimes I can see clearly, while sweaty on the trail, that it’s time to just run away.  

Groovy Girls Go………..Sweaty and Honestly


One thought on “Groovy Girls Go…….Sometimes Sinner, Sometimes Saint, Sometimes Both

  1. The sweat of your tears from your heart will create the your path. As you said you can’t cry when you run so don’t run from positive intent or from sweating over the small stuff

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