Groovy Girls Go………So Happy For Everyone’s Finish Line

I put myself out there, stick my foot in my mouth, wear my heart on my sleeve, share successes and not so successes.

I ran with a friend this morning and we just weren’t having a day in the heat but between the two of us we kept going, I talked, she talked, I listened, she listened………but what was best was we kept at it.

I knew we would because both of us had started our day already being inspired by others.  Both of us, whose resumes may read a little longer than those we had started our day with, but I assure you, the power these other woman had over us was incredible.

My friend surrounded herself with young girls of a cross country team.  Wide eyed, new to the running game, full on excited, willing to work, and fearless.  

I had clicked on my messanger to find a friend had crossed her first finish line tape and was smiling from ear to ear, heels clicking, arms stretched wide, basking in her accomplishment.   I couldn’t have been more proud and I felt so giddy seeing her finish line photo.  

I mean…come on?!?!

How AwEsOmE is this.  The beauty of everything that went into making this moment brings tears to my eyes.  

She followed it up with this message that made this girl cry with gratitude:

That would be awesome! It is a great feeling especially when I didn’t think I could do it! My boyfriend Rob was next to me running- and he kept telling me you can do this -I’m so proud of you! That alone was an awesome feeling- but then passing the finish line- I didn’t know if I wanted to cry or shout for joy! Lol!  

It was the Big Ten 10K/5K in Chicago- by Solider Field. We ran for Michigan State where his daughter and son go (his daughter and her boyfriend did the 10K) When we got there is was so “cool” seeing tons of people! Picking up my race packet was awesome too! Just the experience alone for me Kacey was awesome because I never thought I could do it. Standing in my corral was so cool too! Hearing the guy talk and pump you up and then the race gun going off! EXCITEMENT along with a huge smile (I know kind of silly, but it was my first time)! I thought about you while I was running too! I said I can’t wait to tell Kacey! I said I will never be as fast but I know she will be happy for me and you were! So THANK YOU for being happy for me! 😊😊😊 

My boyfriend ran a few marathons and triathlons but still did the 5K with me 💚❤️ 

When I get better maybe we can do a “fun” 5K together? 

Miss you and sending love!

** and did she just THANK ME??  I’m pretty sure she was waving the magic wand of inspiration for me.  This is every reason why I put myself out there…..because it does take a village, and it is helpful to know that some one out there, be it virtually or the person you’re sweating with, wants you to do well!  

I know my races aren’t hers and hers aren’t mine, but she is right on one thing; I am happy for her!  I couldn’t be more proud! I know what it takes and it takes me back to the memories that started my life as a runner and I should be thanking her.  To even have a few minutes to relive that first finish line crossing, those first long mile runs, the first times I got into trouble and had to run my way out of it, the first time someone put a medal around my neck……..those are the building blocks of a life I love.
So Cindy, thank you.  Thank you for humbly reminding me how much I love you, miss you too, and am SOSO ridiculously proud of you!  

Congrats sista

 and keep running!

Groovy Girls Go…..As We All Have A First


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