Groovy Girls Go……..FaSt

Runners, we’re doers, we’re movers, we’re in search of adventures and new paths…..that is what makes us; us.  When life needs me to slow down I do what all runners do, I find a place to open up and I run fast; really, really, really fast.

And so I did.  I found a trail.  I found my legs.  I ran fast.  I find myself at peace.  Finding me.  Finding what it is that moves me.  Finding who it is that speaks to my soul…….and then I have to wait?  Ahhhhhhh!

I can’t imagine that there are too many runners who are very good waiters, and though we are often forced to.

I know I plan my music on my gadget for races to keep me “staying in control” for the first parts.   Powerful rhythms with even more powerful lyrics.  It’s where it’s easy to get going too fast.  To not slow down and stay in control.  Then my music speeds up in times that should match where I’ve known myself to struggle.  Staying the path when the rhythm has typically tranced me and my feet move thanks to my commitment to a running life where my muscle memory takes over.

At the end I play my happy songs….songs I’ve had since high school and college.  Songs that bring memories and sometimes tears.   All of which drive me to find that next gear, to stay in gear, to get to the end………..

And so I’ve made a turn in my journey, I want to go really, really, really, fast……..but the path is really, really, really long.  There are some serious hills and the rocks are crazy slick.  So, as an experienced runner, I know I’ve got to go slow……I know…… and I don’t want to blow up and not be able to finish because the end promises to be that good.

And so I’ve got a few favorites on repeat.  Steady rhythms, even steadier lyrics that will get me to the place where I can open up and just run really, really, really, fast.  Right through to the finish.

Run Away With Me

Groovy Girls Go…….Fast on the Trail Until I Can Go Fast In Life


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