Groovy Girls Go……Welcome Anytime

“He won’t hurt you.”  The caretaker tells me as his little dog comes barking up to me as I round the corner of the gravel road that lines the campground overlooking the Yellowstone River.  There’s something gentle about this mans tone and still I stop to let the barking dog calm down, but I’m unafraid.  

“You run here every morning, don’t you?”  He says more telling me than asking.  I confirm and stop my motion.  There’s something about this moment that has drawn me in.  

I explain that I’m the oldest daughter of Phil and Renee and he nods in recognition.  

The day is awake as the sunshine shimmers off the leaves and flowers on the bushes are in bloom.   The Yellowstone river is churning and turning over the rocks as it flows.  This man is up with these early morning views and sounds, already working as his hands are gloved and his truck back is filled with tools.  

“Well, you’re welcome to run here anytime.  I can’t imagine starting my day anywhere else either.  The views are beautiful.”  He finishes matter of factly.

This is the moment, as I begin my run again, that takes my breathe away.  

Here was a man, gloves on, cleaning tools spilling over, door to the campground bathroom he was cleaning wide open……..and he says he can’t imagine a better view to start each of his days.  I have no words that could ever do justice to the clarity and beauty of this moment and his simple truth.

My toes took me to no better view this run than what I was blessed to see in my first mile.  

Groovy Girls Go……….Finding True Beauty in the Most Unlikely of Places………..Just Be Sure Not To Miss It



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