Little Groovy Girls Go………..To Mount Sinia

Climbing step by step, going rock over rock, and moving around boulders, campers of Farming Faith Bible Camp climbed, spiritually speaking, Mount Sinia, to build their knowledge and understanding of the Ten Commandments. They climbed to the top of a hay bail replica of the spiritual Mount Sinia, just like Moses did in Egypt, to find themselves face to face with a week of lessons on the Ten Commandments.    
Campers enjoyed lessons about the Commandments that were delivered to Moses after he climbed the nearly 7,500 foot Mountain and was spoken to by God. The students, much like Moses, experienced lessons which gave meaning to the Ten Commandments. Just like God asked Moses to share with his people. Now, these children of faith can go out and live outwardly their belief in the instructions handed down from God.  

Daily craft time was planned explicitly by talented educator Lynn Wilkins, enhance the different age level’s developmentally and spiritual appropriateness of each of the Ten Commandments. These created treasures were collected to serve as reminders, much like Mose’s tablets of the instructions God asked us to live our lives by.  
Children singing songs, bringing rhythm and rhyme, respect and reverence to God’s Laws traveled the winds from the mountain’s top to his home in Heaven. These songs helped students put to memory each of the ten rules studied in joyous tunes by local musicians Chuck Glenn and Heather Polisch. 

The tenor of the conversations about the Ten Commandments, held high in the loft of the barn, are kid centered and guided by love. The story of Moses, climbing the mountain and having a personal conversation with The Lord was brought to life by the newly installed movie size screen and animated characters being projected. Campers were captivated as children, who looked and talked like them, were projected on the big screen in situations, much like they’ve experienced, and witnessed them making choices that honored the Ten Commnadments. The movies helped to engage campers and bring this Old Testament story to life. Children learn that the stone tablet gifted to Moses, gives us the path of life to climb in order to live a life that shines out Faith and love for the whole world to see. Each child confident to live happily, shining out love and positive actions from the top of their solid mountain rooted in these instructions from God.

Farming Faith campers were also treated again this year to daily homemade snacks, a hay ride out into the hills along the Yellowstone and the golden wheat fields by Farmer Phil, and outdoor games under the big sky and open fields of this Eastern Montana farm. The week abounded with opportunities to build one’s character, as solid as a mountain, as they built their knowledge of God’s laws through these carefully planned opportunities. God shared his expectations of us, through Moses, and camp gave each child a unique and personal chance to explore how they would internalize these and make them their own. Students, through all the recreation and fun, had countless times for applying these laws to their daily camp-life. Seeing how choosing to live the commandments allows for everyone around them to play fair, have fun, feel included, and loved. Every child was allowed opportunities to practice what they learned, thus shouting their faith from the tops of their own Mount Sinia.  

Every word spoken by the twenty plus, volunteer, teaching staff, made up of certified teachers, moms, and peers are thick with kindness and every action is guided by love as they assist campers in building their mountain. Starting with a firm foundation led by solid modeling all throughout the week. 

Farming Faith Campers who were lucky enough to climb to the top of Farmer Phil’s haybail mountain, to get up into the clouds for a better listen to the music of the angels and a closer view of heaven may just be lucky enough this summer!

Little Groovy Girls Go………..Farming Faith While They Climb a Mountain


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