Groovy Girls Go…………Dreaming While Wide-Awake

Groovy Girls Go…….Y Not? Minot!
Are you really running in Minot, North Dakota? Texts back a running friend of mine from Detroit.  

I certainly am, and these hills are certainly no joke. He concurs.
The prairie must be what surrounds the city of Minot because I assure you, there are some monster rolling hills that go on, and on, and on, and on………
I suppose it’s not all bad as I’m planning to return to Thunderbolt mountain on the western side of Montana in a couple weeks………’ll probably make these things look like ant hills……..and so I get up, each morning, before the others, to run the hills of Minot while my daughter dreams.  

Ironically, I find that I’m dreaming on these runs too. Not the sleepy kind of dreaming, but dreaming with my eyes wide open.  

I’m here a few more days in North Dakota because my 95 year-old Grandfather fell and broke his hip. It’s unbelievably sad in many ways…….and yet in others……it’s unbelievably inspiring. 

I’ve always said that I run because I can. I’ve been blessed with toes that can take this body anywhere I’ve dreamed. I have more miles on these legs than some people will collect-in a car-in a lifetime………and yet I never take a step for granted. 
I now watch my Grandfather, once a mighty farmer on these plains of North Dakota, a tough son-of-a-bitch if you will; struggle. The hands of life’s time-clock kept turning on him and now he needs the help of everyone…….of anyone. It’s a beautiful reminder for me, and a beautiful lesson for his Great Grand-daughter to witness humility, love, patience, and peace. 

Because I still see the strong man, it’s just a different kind of strength. I’ll carry in my heart forever as I spied in on Grandpa looking deeply into my Grandma’s eyes and the up breakable love between them was stronger than ever. I watched them with gentle strength hold one another’s hand as Grandpa lay, trying to find peace from his pain.  
So I run……I run these hills of Minot, the paths, the roads, the dirt, and I take in these prairie views because I’m lucky enough to have feet that can take me out to them under my own power. I run because for now, I’m strong……yet one day I too will be at the mercy of other’s help and when that day comes………I’ll always have my dreams.
Groovy Girls Go……Collecting Moments That One Day Will Become My Dreams


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