Groovy Girls Go………90 Years Young

Groovy Girls Go………Fourth of July
Children’s laughter rang higher than any of the sparks from the fireworks this Fourth of July as cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, and friends as close as family, all came together for celebrating. 
Grandma Betty turned 90 which seemed like a really great reason to host a party on the farm where it all began…….and so we all came; and when I say all I don’t literally mean every member of this GiNoRmOuS family, but enough that we blew the transformer the first night!
The darkness couldn’t cast a shadow on the fun and so flashlights were brought out as cousins found common ground in a game of flashlight tag and exploring……..just like me and my sister would have done a generation earlier. 
I watched from afar, snapping pictures of moments worth collecting, of family sitting around cool drinks, laughing, reminiscing, catching up, spinning tall tales, and sharing plans for the future. I collected moments of cousins giggling while squirting each other in the hopes of cooling off.

I froze in time smiles and hugs, as surprise guests pulled up into the yard. With each new guest there were squeals of glee, oh my’s, for heaven’s sake, and all other known North Dakota colloquialisms from my youth. 
At one point I stood, camera down, and spun slowly in a circle taking it all in. The beauty and chaos of a large family, otherwise known as bliss.
………..the day and the games and the pleasantries continued until the storm rolled in. Every family has to endure storms and ours is no exception. It’s how you weather the storm though is how the story is rated. True to any Steinberger I’ve ever known, everyone pitched in and in the midst of black clouds, winds, hail over crops both near and far, we set up for mass……….

I’d expect nothing less……..I do most of my talking to God during my running but this was a special way to say thanks and celebrate my Grandmas 90 years young.  

Being in the presence of those who believe enough for all of humanity is an amazing feeling. I was blessed to be a part of such love because no matter how or where you talk to your Lord, love always wins, and we were taking the championship. 
So, where two people fell in love, planted a family and nurtured them until they each went out into the world to do the whole thing again, we all followed our roots back. Back to the farm-yard where my uncles played kickball with me, where I peeked into the windows of the barn and made up stories as I watched the clouds roll across the open sky above the crops. And now, my daughter was blessed to have had a chance to dance in puddles made by the rain that will nurture the crops and a harvest of strong-family-will be this year’s prize-winning crop.
Groovy Girls Go………..Where Our Roots Run Deep


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