Groovy Girls Go………For a Pick Up

Sometimes in life, what is right is easy AND obvious……
Earlier today I was reading to my students the story, “The Raft.”  It’s the perfect pre-summer story about a boy whose father drops him off to stay with a Grandma out in the middle of no where with no access to Internet.  A nightmare no less…….yet the boy and the Grandma find peace in such an area and begin bonding.

The boy then is open to all his surroundings have to offer him and then, one day, a raft floats up and the boy is open to all the natural magic this vessel to all things fresh air has to offer…..including a place for a bird to land and hitch a ride, thus lending itself to Grandma calling the bird a hitch hiker.
It’s at this time that a few of my students have quizzical expressions and I infer they don’t have the vocabulary for hitch hiking.  I guess why should they since it’s not all that common and certainly I would assume frowned upon in the white-middle class community I find myself living in……so we explain and continue……

The story is nothing if everything about it isn’t centered on being open to anything and seeing the beauty in what is set right in front of you.

And so I teach on.

My day ends.

My daughter goes to soccer practice.

I run alone in the woods.

I’m driving home and what should my wandering eyes would appear, but a little ol hitch-hiker, not lively, not quick……

I passed him first only because I was on the wrong side of traffic, which was really the right side for seeing all that I needed.  He was being passed by, by everyone; cane and all.

I got as far as the next turn around, thought of my experience with the book this morning, the way the story moved me, moved my students, and I turned around.  I drove up, rolled down my window and leaned over to open the side door.  

The man asked me how far I was going and I told him as far as need be.

Turns out, he had locked his keys in his car at Meijer.  I found him ironically by Hawkins Elementary School, where I teach, where I read the story, where I no doubt inspire daily, and most certainly am inspired daily…..and so the perfect-ness of the situation continued.

I drove the man to his home, picked up his spare set, and drove him back to his truck where he unlocked the door and drove home.  

He thanked me no less than a trillion times and during the course of the conversation I learned more about the history of the small town than I have in the too many years I’ve lived and worked here.  I thanked him a trillion and one times.  

I shared with him my story of the story “the raft” and he said as he got out of my car that he certainly was glad I had read that book………………it was the only time he was wrong; I was certainly glad I had read that book and so my story started where that story ended……..I’m sure just as the author had intended.

Groovy Girls Go…………….Loving When The Right Thing To Do Is So So So Obvious


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