Groovy Girls Go ….. Up, Up, and Away

The starting line is a pretty amazing place.  The view, of different colors, nervous smiles, tapping toes up against the starting line, and just right laces tied just right.  The view is made all that much super when the shoes however, are actually mini shoes……the shoes of kids.  The kids we love who are trying out the sport we love.  Now that, that is a pretty good looking field of racers toeing the line.

Mini feet

The start of any race is always energetic and when your entire field is missing their two front teeth, grinning ear to ear, and dressed in super hero costumes, you know it’s going to be a good day to be a runner.  Then you hear the race announcer call out, “Up, up, and away!”

It only takes a step and the capes are streams of color as the kids take off on their quest.  A race that needs no chips, because these kids run with everything they’ve got, the entire course, and there’s no chip that can measure that kind of pace.

A steady stream of color.

A steady stream of color.

And so they run.  This next generation of runners, whose times we will covet, whose stories we will read about, whose places ran we will have only dreamed of, fly off.  They take off, and they are super heroes, because these are the kids that will save the world.  They’ll have the skills to save the world because they learned, at a young age, that you don’t cross a finish line without pumping your arms, without a little sweat, without breathing harder than you thought you possibly could, and of course, without moving your own feet to cross it.

They run because someone believed in them and now they believe in themselves.  And that, is how you save the world, one race at a time, one kid at a time…….Ready, Set, Fly!

The look of a super hero.

The look of a super hero.


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