Groovy Girls Go…..To the Theater

So……..Clearly Groovy Girls Go, and Go, and Go, and Go.

It’s not just running, it’s about living life.  Getting out and doing whatever completes your life and makes you the rich, well rounded-with-good-stories kind of human.  Because in the end, isn’t that really all that we got.

I attended one of my best friend in life’s Grandmother’s funeral and one thing I took away from it was, the stories.  No one was sitting around looking at her ‘possessions’ or even speaking to what she ‘had.’  No, everyone was telling stories.  There were smiles through tears, smiles, laughter, family, friends, friends of friends…..and everyone was doing the same thing….telling good stories.

So in the spirit of getting out and enjoying life.  I have two tickets to offer to a Groovy Reader in the Metro Detroit Area for this upcoming Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at 7:30 pm.  The tickets are for The Merry Widow and the show will be at the Michigan Opera Theater.

The tickets are main floor, inner Circle Aisle 1.

Montana will draw from the names, on Monday, of anyone that either comments on this blog post…..or the previous blog post:  Little Groovy Girls Go……..Boogie Boarding.  Give little Montana a pat on the back (in the form of a comment) for sticking to something, teaching herself, and making it happen.

Groovy Girls Go……..To The Theater


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