Groovy Girls Go……… Midtown

Sooooooooo……who loves to run in Detroit? Sooooooo……..who loves to support local artisans? Sooooooooooo……..who loves a discount on their running purchases at a Small Business (but mighty in stride)? Sooooooooooo……..who loves a little breakfast after their run at a discount for them and their running BFF?


A Groovy Girl or Boy?

Answer in the comment section below to be entered in a Mid-Town Detroit give-away for a lover of the run! The care package coupons have been generously collected from RunDetroit.


Which blog have you enjoyed reading lately?

Two entries if you say why!

Groovy Girls Go………. To Explore Midtown with Some Coupons and Discounts Because the Winner Is Picked Wednesday after 6pm.




11 thoughts on “Groovy Girls Go……… Midtown

  1. I love running in Detroit – Midtown, Corktown, Dequindre Cut, the Riverfront. My favorite way to spend a Saturday morning is at the RUNdetroit group run. I’m excited to finally be back again this weekend after a long hiatus!

  2. I love love love running in Detroit! Great time to enjoy the awesome sites of the city, the gorgeous views on the riverfront and belle isle….and of course spending time with my running bff’s!

  3. I just found this blog (thanks to Stefanie/Dynamic Runner) and I love your posts–especially “truthfully” because that happens to me monthly.

    • That was a story I really worked a long time with. It’s such a real feeling for me, and I wanted to do the idea justice. I’m really thankful that it spoke to you as well…..I think because it is the truth!

  4. A new blog I’ve found is Running from Fibro, written by a friend of mine who writes about running and her battle with fibromyalgia.

  5. I’ve been enjoying Michigan Runner Girl because it was nice meeting her at the Detroit Women’s Half..and I love seeing the pictures of the snowy trails in her area.

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