Groovy Girls Go……..On the Duck Tape and White Van Run

There are probably some better routes than others in Detroit. I’ll usually try any one of them at lease once, some are just better with or near the boys.

I always said if I was ever scared, it was time for me to leave the D. I’ve seen a lot of streets in the D, I’ve seen a lot of situations, and I’m lucky to have always been able to keep my cool, and never feel scared.

With that being said, I don’t go runnin’ for trouble. I keep my eyes open, my pace in control, and my options open. I love seeing the sun come up as I go around Clark park in Mexican town and then head back towards the heart of the city on Lafayette Blvd. The ambassador bridge on the right as the sun stretches out it’s fingers across the Detroit River, lighting up the sky line and the snow with pinks, purples, and golden hues.


I also find the people, up with me when I run the mornings in the D, do seem like some of the most driven, fundamentally tough, gritty, real, humans on this planet. Maybe because my my dad always got up early for work, wore overalls, and is fundamentally tough, I’m reminded of him, even though we’re worlds away. I love that these men and woman give me smiles, nods, even little jigs as they make their way onto the streets with me. We’re all hitting the pavement for different reasons, each of us fundamentally tough, each of us just trying to get another step in, so why not a step with some pep?

I’ve also run across some unbelievable sites left over from the night before. I’m not so sure they’re quite seeing the rays of their new day with clarity yet. Still, the last guy my running friends and I stumbled up in the early morning hours, who was literally, left-out, from the night before found his suburban self back to the suburbs. I’m still not sure how he got to where we found him. He wasn’t there the next time we ran that route so I’m hopeful.

It’s all there, stately, crumbling, or not there anymore, on these currently cold streets we run. I’m confident on most all of these roads. And when we’re on those routes where all you’d see is a white van and some duck tape, I’m lucky the guys wait for me.

Groovy. Girls Go……….And Know When to Not Run it Alone


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