Groovy Girls Go………A Little Suburban Catch & Release

My very predictable, no frills, no thrills, suburban run just got a bite…….

I haven’t put inappropriate and loud music in my ears in quite a while. I don’t know what baited me today, but I found a couple new tunes, plugged in, laced up, and hit the plowed roads to catch a few (miles that is).

Runners take their winter ‘good-runnin’ ‘ days when and where we can and today was one of those ‘don’t waste it’ days!

The route was intended just to be calm, enjoy the cleared roads, pace friendly and the route familiar kind of run. Until my eyes saw the flicker of a yellow jacket. I was in a caldesack, very suburban, running conservatively, very suburban, all pinked out with fun new tunes in my ears, very suburban, and I couldn’t help myself. Maybe it was the color, maybe it was his pace…….or maybe it was because he was a him. And that’s all it took, I took the bait, hook-line-and sinker, the chase was on.

His pace was decent, but catch-able and today I was going to be the girl to catch him. I had no other reason other than I finally felt like a runner again, I felt competitive, I felt sassy, I looked cute, and I felt like I could…….and so I did.

It took about a quarter mile, not as long as I thought, and I was reeling him in. He was dodging puddles and when he veered left to run around a pot-hole instead of aiming his cadence to step over it, I knew I had him. Anyone afraid to get a little wet in February was – quite frankly – no match.

My steps grew stronger, my pace about to over-take him, and so I went wide right, gave a friendly left-handed wave, and just kept right on running.

The new route took me into an area where there are some intense hills and even those I felt I took now with a little extra pep, a little extra smirk, a little extra cocky…………I never looked back and no one ever came back.

Today; today was a good day to be a runner.

Groovy Girls Go………..Catch and Leave Behind


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