Groovy Girls Go……….By the Light of the Moon

Any parent knows, you can’t make your kid love what you love……eventually the truth will come out I imagine.

Any parent can also tell you there is a line we walk. A line of gentle nudge, no pushing, encouraging without lieing, confident but not cocky……

The February snow storm of 2015 will go down for Montana and I as the perfect storm. Snuggles, playing, fireplace, extra miles, and of course…….snow shoeing.

Tana wasn’t sold at first. The last time had been some great pictures but otherwise a disaster. She loves playing in the snow. She loves sledding in the snow. She loves ice-skating in the snow, but alas, she does not enjoy snow shoeing.
I asked her if she’d go with me.
She thought for a second obviously wanting to say no, but then said; you’ve done everything I’ve wanted today, I’ll go. But I want a deal; as soon as I’m tired we go back.

Fair enough.

I had been giving this next trek with her a lot of thought and had a kid friendlier place……..behind Hamburg fitness, the gym we now belong, has a small open field and a small trail around the pond; a perfect Tana size trek.


The sun was setting, the moon was full, the snow was untouched, the trees were amazing, and my little girl just kept wanting to keep going. Her voice was joyous. She noticed the moon before I did and when I asked her to stop for a picture she said, “let’s go over there by the tree it’ll be a better view.”

When she fell, she laughed, when she ran, she said, “that was only 10 steps and I’m gassed.” Then bent over to drink up the snow (a trick she’s done since she was little).


She was familiar with the trail and felt confident with where we were. She wanted to show me the secret holes, now deeply buried and climb the rope swing to swoosh and land in the snow. As the moon’s glow took over the sky her toothless smile completely warmed my soul.

When she was ready I honored our deal, even though I could have stayed in this moment for forever.

I’m a collector of moments and this one was now closing, but her sweet voice, joyfully sharing her thoughts with me, enjoying something that I love; and loving it if only because she’s my daughter and that’s what we do. We don’t always do things because we want to……we do things because we love people enough to want them to be happy……..and why not do it happily as well………you may surprise yourself and learn to love it too…….or at least love the moment.


Little Groovy Girls Go………With The Mama


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