Groovy Girls Go………Like a Girl in the Snow

You just never know when you strap on the snow shoes where you can go or what you might find when you do go.

The trekking was perfect, snow falling, temperature not too cold, no tracks, and no time limit.

Here it comes....and comes....and comes.....and comes.....

Here it comes….and comes….and comes…..and comes…..

The snow didn’t stop for almost a day and we were left buried in almost 2 feet, in many places, and I couldn’t wait to make the first tracks…….and so I go out.  My favorite winter time sport; snow shoeing.  I’ve collected a couple extra pair so I can bring along friends and it’s a great way to do things, go places, and see sights that one wouldn’t normally see in the winter.

I'm not sure I've got the rack that this guy was trying to shoot ;)

I’m not sure I’ve got the rack that this guy was trying to shoot 😉

Today the adventure included a little hidden paparazzi.  I may have done a little posing and then took a picture of the picture for a little reminder of the fun.  I’m not so sure I have the rack that this guy was hoping to shoot, but I’m sure I’ll put a smile on his face when he uploads his pictures!  Made me think of my brother.  I’ve got some good ideas now for my next trip back home with some of his cameras.  Can’t believe I hadn’t thought of this sooner!

I also loved the waving from the lady, tucked snug in her house, when we popped up out of the trees and found ourself in her back yard.  I always wonder what people think when they see others out doing crazy stuff in even crazier weather.  Her big smile and even bigger wave leads me to think that she, on some level, wished she was out enjoying the sights of the snow storm her own self.

And so I trek on…….

The day is fading, no sun set, but somehow the snow continues to twinkle as it continues to fall and I’m thankful for living a life that takes me to places unpathed, unmarked, and picture perfect.

Groovy Girls Go………..Say Cheese

Say Cheese

Say Cheese


One thought on “Groovy Girls Go………Like a Girl in the Snow

  1. I to know that trail, like a stranger that I knew before and decided to keep for eternity. Through the wind in the trees and the changes of all the seasons the trail twists and turns, causes me to slip and fall only to rise and take the next corner. As the trail bends I get a glimpse of where I have been while keeping one eye forward so I know where I will be. The path gets cluttered and then it is clear. The direct is a constant loop while the trail crosses paths, travels up hills and drifts through streams. I learn the lessons from the trail to avoid its pit falls I faced before but again I rise to take the next corner. As I near the end I slow down but my spirit carries on around the next corner. The trail comes to an end so I take a break to rest, to review, and to plan. I think of where I once was and the turns I took to get here. My body is still but my heart and mind race forward. I rise I run I hit the etirnal trail once again with my body, mind, and soul moving forward as one while remembering the debris, the bumps, the twists and turns as the music of the earth rings in my ears. I carry on as I take the next corner hoping to find the strangers I decided to keep to run with me on the eternal trail.

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