Groovy Girls Go…….Or Don’t Go

When you lace up to run, that’s what you do, you run. Once you’ve committed there really isn’t any discussion.

I’ve always been a bit that way, or a lot that way. When I set my alarm, I get up. If I say I’m going to do something, I do. If I see a problem, I find a way to un-problem it.
I’m sure I have, but I can’t think of anything that I’ve quit. I may not like to spend my time doing something anymore, because I prefer something else, but I ended the first at a proper stopping place.

The run is the same. Maybe that’s why it suits me well. I’m lucky enough to be decent at running, some may say even better than decent, but the truth is there will always be someone faster; running is a chance for me to work hard to be me. I’m like that in life. When I interpreted it was important for me to have all the credentials and I worked hard to get them. When I was in undergrad it was important for me to play a collegiate sport. So I worked hard, walked on, and worked hard enough to play. When I started running I wanted to run a marathon, so I worked hard and did. After that, I wanted to qualify for Boston……..and so the story goes.

The stories however, in between the want of the goal and the obtaining of the goal are the real tales though. Because between the want and the success, there were a smorgous board of set backs, failures, and try-agains. These stories in between are the gritty truths of risk – taking, heart – breaking, mistake making, tears making, friends and foe making, to make the making.

Along the way, I’m a story collector. I’ve always looked for people who know more than me, and have asked a lot of questions. With all these questions I’ve listened to a lot of answers, and then I do what I do…….I do. This is how I connect. I want to know, to take the time during the journey to understand, to share, to gain perspective, which then leads to clarity. I don’t ever want to be too busy to hear someone’s story.

I spoke few words today on the trail. I ran and listened to my steps, the sky, the snow under my feet, and the stories playing round in my head and this, ironically is exactly in line with my current goal. To be………and this is where peace is for me and my family.

And I am so grateful that I have running to teach me to be.
To be determined
To be persistent
To be a doer
To be a listener
To be a learner
To be calmer
To feel deeply
To be observant
To be committed
To be healthy
To be honest
To be……..

So in life you either go, or you don’t go. I go, I’m all in. I work hard, and I make sure I pay attention to the stories along the way. I collect the stories, because at the end, those are the stories that will be told over and they are a collection of all that has really mattered.


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