Groovy Girls Go……….Together and Alone

Setting out on a winter running trek, not knowing exactly where the toes are taking, the mileage is up for negotiation, the scenery is breathe taking, as is the chill in the air………running bliss.

Finding running balance, where my treasured running solitude can meet up with a few hugs, smiles, a bit of banter, and greetings:


I was no stranger, and a complete stranger all at the same time and it was exactly what I needed. Some moments in life are trickier than others and there is nothing but the run for getting back to balance. Because in the end, even amongst the most of amazing villages, I’m powered by my own power. No one else is going to make my life all that I want, it’s up to me essentially. And so I run, magic step of sorts towards getting the body, mind, and the world all back in alignment, and fueling me with the strength to make the most of everyday.

That’s everything I need and want from my runs. A little mini spa for my body and sole. And so I greet old friends. Made small talk with new running introductions, smiled for the camera, and then ran.

I broke off from the pack and then when I just needed to run, I turned off the path to make my own way.
The air is just different in the winter. The cold breaks through all nonsense and leaves you exposed. It’s a chance to really reflect, honestly………to take stalk of your own strength that moves you through the elements, the drifts, up the hills, and down. It’s a chance to break free when the footing clears and just run. The weight of the snow gone from underneath, a chance to gasp for air and just go.

And so as I finish up, ironically as the group is coming in from another direction, we are all wet, cold, and refreshed, I just took another path………

Groovy Girls Go………..My Own Path Towards My Own Strength


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