Little Groovy Girls Go…………Into the New Year

Pulling up to the Belle Isle Casino has now become ‘the place to be’ to ring in the new year. The ring however is Jeannie on the loud speaker thanking sponsors and pumping up the crowd. The music is getting the crowd jumping, blood circulating to keep nozes and toezes from freezing and the wind is always blowing.

Blowing out the old to make way for the new we say.


So the kids play around……until it’s time to get serious!

The kids begin warming up, jumping jacks, I look over to see Tana doing some push up. The only thing we forgot to do was attach our kites.
Light weight wicking gear was replaced with thick winter jackets, hats, gloves, and triple layer pants and socks…….it was brrrrrrrrrrr!

“Mama, you know how you saw me start with my hat on? I pulled it all the way down. I didn’t have it on at the end because the wind was blowing so hard that it ‘wish’ and blew it right off my head!”

I told her, “I didn’t see that Montana, but I did see you take off like a rocket and go weaving in and out of people!”

“I got a stick, mama. I got the 10th place girl and I was the youngest of the girls with a stick. I did want to keep it but they took it back. Maybe next year they’ll let me keep my stick.”

“The best part was running with my Daddy. I ran so fast he couldn’t keep up. Maybe I’ll get a stick and they’ll let me keep it and maybe my Daddy will keep up.”

Daddy laughed when he was told Montana’s quote but confirmed it was accurate. ” a couple times she took off and I thought Wow, I gotta move!”

Groovy Girls Go………….Movin’ Quickly Into the New Year



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