Little Mer-Groovy Girls Go………..Into the Deep

The water glistens, splashes, and magnifies the sparkly colors of what can not be mistaken for anything other than the tail of a mermaid in the water below.

Christmas magic lives on as one Kris Kringle made my little girl’s dreams come true by bringing her, in her favorite colors, the tail of a mermaid.

It was hard to get her out of the water prior to her new super-power, now it’s impossible.


With every swish of her tail she delves deeper and deeper into her aquatic dream. Splashing her tail and whipping it around. She creates her under-water kingdom and comes up for air, only long enough to flip me a smile as she flips back her tail, and then down again she submerges back to where she’s ruler of all mer-people.

I watch her swim, innocently play, create, imagine, welcome and share her tail with any child who inquires…………I watch her be a happy mer-kid who believes.
May she always, at some level, believe she is a mermaid. For the child who can imagine without boundaries is sure to boundlessly change the world.

Little Mer-Groovy Girls Go……………Into their Deep Blue Imagination


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