Groovy Girls Go……………Off Their Fat Ass

I step out of the car, on a gloomy and rainy tradition to sunny hellos, hugs, and a surprise smile I haven’t had the pleasure of chasing in darn near a year; Tim. He, along with numerous others are gathered to run the Poto Fat Ass.
Every year I try and get out to the Poto for Roman’s annual Fat Ass run. This is an un-official, non-aided, group run scheduled yearly for the Saturday between Christmas and New Years. The name implies the intent of the run from it’s day’s of origin where runners vowed to get up off of their bums, push back from the holiday table, and put some miles in before toasting in the New Year.
Now runners host and put together Fat Ass runs all through the year, and I find that they are equal to any “entry fee” race and “organized” runs that are out there. There’s all the runnerly requirements at these events and I’ll go on record saying they’re my favs!

I was asked a question while out on this run as to how long I’ve been running. I gave my typical year and first bibbed race, but truth be told, I started running as a kid. I ran for fun, I ran with a smile, I ran up on the dyke by myself or with my friend Erica. I ran fast on the playground, I eventually ran around the track, I ran long with Angie, I ran by myself, I ran……………..these non-event-runs remind me of those good ol days, when running really was just that, shoes, throw something on, friends or alone, and run.

I haven’t ran too many long runs since September (my last marathon) and I don’t have any races on the books, and yet, I laced up, grabbed something from the closet, called a friend for directions, and stepped out into the rain to run with friends and I kept up.

The smell of the wet leaves, the beauty of the bare branches, the chance to catch up with a friend, the chance to hear inspiring stories from new friends, the chance to hear Wild Bill yell how it was fun running with me (while I was still in the parking lot), was all worth mustering energy to get off my bum and lace up.

My last two runs have been in the rain, in the presence of friends, and chasing boys…….two chances to wash away all that extra gunk and just run……..
And smile. Thanks boys (and Andrea)



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