Groovy Girls Go ………. Ho Ho Ho

Ho – Ho – Ho

Merry Christmas and Merry Life

With all there is on FB and our blog, I wonder how many other stories I can think to tell….but as my running friends know, there are as many stories as there are miles to be ran….endless…….

And so we begin this holiday season, giving thanks for our daily stories and for those we share them with. I find that I’m particularily sappy around this time of year. It’s a chance to slow down, while speeding up, to take a look around and really enjoy the ride. People seem more smiley and more willing to hug strongly during the winter. Maybe it’s just because it is cold, but whatever the reason I’ll take it.

Montana and I, as many know, have transferred to a new school and a new place for me to teach. She is sad to have left her friends from the former school. She knew her way around and since there were no walls, she could literally see me all day long. I think that is the only thing that neither of us have gotten used to……I don’t like not seeing her, but I suppose it’s building independence, in us both 😉 It does make the end of the days ridiculously sweet to see her come running in the room, drop all of her things, and come running in for a hug. In everything there’s a silver lining. I’m very happy at the new school and hope I have found a place where I will be able to teach the same thing for at least two years in a row. I’ve become very versatile, and now I have a chance to teach Michigan history.

I find this quite humorous as I type this letter in a sweatshirt that has a heart in the center of the state of Montana. Nevertheless, I find that when I have to research the information to teach it, I usually teach better…..and so this new adventure begins as me becoming an expert in all things Michigan.

Yet, we will return to Montana once again for the summer. The years are starting to string together and are marked by Montana’s annual picture in Farmer Phil’s wheat. She is growing as fast as his wheat and it’ a fun way to mark the passing of time. I’m unbelievably blessed to have a place to take Montana back to, to experience a small-town / farmers way of life, if even for a few days, if even for a few events. She is a lucky little girl to have Grandparents who patiently take us in so she can have a real chance to get to know them, despite spending our school years in Michigan.

And so, if you haven’t already signed up to receive my blog, please feel free to be endlessly bombarded with stories from my running, and Montana’s funning while we share the stories from where our Tulley Toes take us. We’d love to host anyone, pretty much at any time, if you are ever in the Detroit, Michigan way. Please know you are welcome with open arms.

We wish you all an amazing and magical holiday season. May you hug with no boundaries, smile from ear to ear, and laugh so loudly it gets you hushed!



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