Groovy Girls Go……….In November

As my feet took me past places along Cass Avenue that bring me back to my first days in Detroit, I look down just in time to spot a lucky penny, and a woman down on her luck. I pick it up and put it in her gloved hand, telling her it’s her lucky day. I take two more steps and there’s another, one more penny for me now too. It’s my lucky day.

I knew today, the first of November, All Saints Day, I’d find change; and here it was.

In many ways I’m not even sure if I’d recognize that girl who moved from Montana to Detroit, not knowing a soul. I was following a dream, a path, a goal, looking to discover who I was………seeking change.

I’ve discovered a lot about myself. The biggest “ah-hah” is that the journey to self discovery is longer than my longest run, steeper than my steepest hill repeats. The path is sometimes narrow and lonely, sometimes it’s so crowded it’s ironically lonely, and other times I turn corners, it’s thinned a bit and it’s perfect. The pace changes often along the paths. There are times the rocks and gravel slow me down and other times there’s a breeze at my back and the path is fast.

Today was a good start to my new start. On the last day of my past year I started a run with a smile, with a friend, in my second favorite state but my first favorite city, with winds blowing wildly in all directions…………because who just knows where this year will take me?


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