Guest groovy Girls Go ………. Crim

The Crim, a newbies experience
I decided to venture out the fabulous city of Flint for this popular 10 mile race. The day prior I went to the expo which was huge and saw lots of smiling faces and tons of vendors. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into.
The morning of the race I started out at 05:30 as the thumbnail moon and bright stars paved my way North on US 23. I easily found parking with other runners and walked a bit with some friendly sheriff’s toward the starting line. What I love most about races is the comradery everyone shares. We aren’t racing against each other (unless we are Kenyan which I am definitely not), we are racing against our personal best time. We are all there because we WANT to be there, what a beautiful thing. In corrall C I started talking with a few ladies that ended up being right around the corner from me in Brighton so we exchanged numbers. When asked what my pace would be they excitedly said they would follow me and then I felt a funny sense of pressure. Noone had ever looked to ME for a pace, this was all new. A wonderful operatic man sung the national anthem and then the 30 year racers took off first, then corralls A through I can’t remember how many corralls there were.
I ran my fastest mile ever at mile two, but what a lesson learned to someone who has 8 miles left to go (I like to learn things the hard way). The hills were plentiful and oh so real, such a lesson to someone who rarely trains on hills (I am changing that). I especially loved the signs at mile 4 that said only three hills left, and really loved the one that said Last Hill! My relief was quickly outweighed and you can imagine my joy as I reached yet another hill and another one, and another! It was fun all the same, and the spectators were just everywhere! I enjoyed the spectators trying to hand off alchoholic drinks and beer to the runners (I am sure they hadn’t been asleep since the day before).
The last hill thankfully was downhill to the finish where I had some pep in my step and was able to finally bring this race to an end. It was a fun experience and I hope everyone tries this race at least once. I’m glad I have another year to prepare for this one again.



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