Groovy Girls Go……..Horseback Riding

“My mama’s running friend got me this book about A cowboy. It has all the words you’re teaching me to learn.” I tell my horse riding teacher. I got the book from Ali after we were in Montana for my mama’s birthday and I got to ride one of her horses. The book talks about riding. A round-up, branding, and sleeping out under the stars. I’ve read it over and over.

Recently, I have taken a couple of horse riding lessons, in Michigan, because I Love Horses. I want to keep taking lessons even though it’s hard work. I get really hot and want to quit cantering sometimes but I keep going.

I can canter and trot all around the arena and I don’t even have to have my hand on the saddle horn. I also learn how to steer the horse and how to take control.
Check out my video on you tube.

I am excited to go back next week. I don’t want to have to put the saddle on, I just want to ride. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have someone with a lesson before me!


Groovy Girls Go…….Cantering Along


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