Groovy Girls Go……..Fairily Along

The breeze and sounds of Spring float through our open screen door one day. Nature’s doorbell, announcing Spring has arrived. My six-year old daughter, Montana Skye and I smile at one another, both just knowing, a twinkle in our eyes. Today, is a good day to open our box. A year’s collecting of ribbons, baubles, glittery nuggets, and nameless treasures, to sift through, place carefully, and use to create a fairy garden. Welcoming a new joyful light to our home.


We’ve found an old traveling medicine case that’s going to work nicely for our fairy’s new home this year. An old glass door-knob will hang nicely over the table from a golden ribbon that was collected off an expensive package. We’ve saved a circle, three legged pizza-don’t-let-the-top-touch-it-doo-hickey to use for the table. We cover it with some material to serve as a tablecloth and place painted rocks around it for seating. The colorful chairs can be easily changed according to our fairy’s entertaining plans at any given time.

Last fall we collected nuts that can now be used for a variety of serving dishes and we put them into a jewelry case turned trunk for safe storage in this new home.

We used part of our beach time last summer to collect pocketfuls of little pebbles of similar size that can now be glued down to make a walking path to what will be an outside sitting area. A friend gifted to us a small glass bowl, who knows what from, but it’s pretty auburn color reminds us of the warmth of a fire and so now it has become our fire pit. A beautiful center piece to what will be an outside sitting area for our fairy friends to gather, tell story lore, and share their adventures with one another. We make plans to look for the ‘just the right branch size’ to make stools for our fire pit area.

We bring out the toothpicks, our baubles, and glue so that we can create a colorful flower bed. Anything that glitters, sparkles, or brings a smile to our face is glued to the tip of the pick and then poked into a bed of styrofoam. This mossy green base serves as a space for color to be nurtured and for dreams to bloom in. A whimsical addition to our garden home. A work of love. A place of bliss.


Now it is time. Our magical little place needs to be put in a place. A place in our yard, that is just enough hidden to keep mystery alive, yet visible enough where we can peek in to spy. The place usually reveals itself and the little garden is planted. Now, we wait to see which fairy comes to ring the bell and claim the space.

<img src="" alt="20140814-172000-62400015.jpg" class="alignnone size-full” />

There is a tingle as the wind sweeps past our faces. The only explanation being fairy kisses, blown down in gratitude for the fairy garden designers. Created by two dreamers, who remain steadfast to the belief that hope and love are the foundation of all that is good. Dreamers, who's design plans reveal themselves when splashing in puddles, while laying out watching the clouds roll by, or while out playing in nature.

See, everything in our fairy garden gets put together with a hopeful story, a reason for being. There's nothing just haphazardly placed. There's, at least, an initial purpose. As the garden is lived in, just as with any house that becomes a home, intention may change, pieces may be rearranged, things may need to leave in order to make room for something new………only time will tell and as long as there is childlike love and laughter, there will always be a fairy, which means there will always be childlike laughter……..



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