Groovy Girls Go………Mondays for Motivation

There are days, or mornings, that often seem easier for me than others to get out the door. I enjoy starting my week, regardless of weekend mileage, lacing up and getting out the door……for at least something!

Monday Motivation

I find the Monday morning run as the one that is the most relaxing and simply put; fun. I don’t worry on Mondays at all about time, pace, distance, route. I just know, that no matter what, I’m getting out the door.

I find that it’s a simple, but powerful way to at least start out my week with some sort of control. Weeks can unfold for us so many challenges, obstacles, adventures, laughs, cries, visits, decisions, unexpected surprises, and maybe even a few solid routines……..we can try to have a game plan, but unless we are void of human contact, that game plan is merely a suggestion of games.

So, my Monday morning I phone alarm clock says: It’s time to make the week mine! I roll over. Put on some play clothes and go out to play. Because really……we can all be passionate about our running, but when it comes down to it, it’s our adult play time. Take it when you can get lucky enough to get it…….

Groovy Girls Go……..Monday Morning to Own the Week


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