Groovy Girls Go…….Three Scientifically Sound Reasons To Wear Earbuds While Running

(And by ‘scientifically Sound’ I simply mean I am the ‘running scientist’ that likes the sound.)

3. To drown out the icky voices in my head that tell me ‘to stop, slow down, or that I can’t do it.’ I’ve replaced that sound with the sounds of completely inappropriate lyrics that make me want to push harder, go faster, and travel further with the thump of the bass.

2. Since I’m mostly an early morning runner I miss out on a lot of clubbing. The music thumping through my ear buds allows me to get my ‘dance groovy on.’ And since it’s usually still dark out I can trick myself into thinking that I’m at the club and the moon and the stars are my twinkly strobe lights as I shake it on down the road!

1. To drown out my HIGH PITCH SQUEALING as I was jumping like a crazy fool to avoid stepping on the GINORMOUS snake that launched out at me today on my run while I was running up a hill and it was trying to snake it’s way across the road. My heart went into instant warmed up pace, as it raced, while I continued to squeal, surely at an in audible decibel for some, until a car pulled over and asked me if I was ok!
(I say this all in one breathe very fast as I relive the flopping and flipping of the snake that fell off the curb when it ran out of grass to slither through and found itself falling onto the road as I was about to step down and I’m sure in the land of ‘snake’ he was squealing just as loudly!)

Groovy Girls Go…………..Sounding Squealy


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