Groovy Girls Go…..Head In The Clouds

I’ve seen a lot of sunrises.
I’ve seen fewer sunsets.
I’ve seen even few sunsets from above the clouds.

All are glorious paintings by angels to remind us………

Begin each day with positive intentions and carry that goodness in our smiles throughout the day sharing with all we encounter. I’ve always found a bright smile and a colorful pair of knee high socks can defuse almost any right time. I mean really, how can you not feel lighter when you “see” happy.

Reflect as the sun goes down just how beautiful every part of the world is. I mean really, have you ever seen a sunset that isn’t majestic? Regardless of the canvas, the colors take my breathe away and remind me that there is beauty and goodness in every view if we live with eyes and heart wide open enough to see.

Above the clouds is where dreams are planted. The colors that jump around, bouncing from cloud to cloud, reminding us that no journey is straight. I mean really, is anything in life worth having, not worth working for? The beauty between something you’ve just been handed versus something that you’ve really worked for, poured your heart into, sweet for, maybe even bled for, is just prettier.

It just is.

I’ll add this to my reasons why I run……I’m lucky enough to see it all and that may just be lucky enough. I start my days with the beauty and glory of the sunrise. I set my intentions for the day while I sweat. Choosing to push myself before anyone else gets a chance to push me. The direction is all mine.
I see the sunsets because life gives you a chance everyday to wrap our final moments in beauty that lead to the peace found in the twinkles of the coming night. I’m not afraid to take a cloud path journey to see as much as I can from these minutes of life I’ve been gifted. My toes can take me a lot of places, but sometimes we need to take our soles up into the clouds to go where we need, to see what we need, to fill our souls, even if it’s just every now and then. For it’s down on the ground where we’ll see the fruits of the seeds planted in the clouds if we’ve put in the work to keep them alive.

Groovy Girls Go…………Putting the Work In For The View That’s Just A Little Prettier, Because I Earned Each Color



One thought on “Groovy Girls Go…..Head In The Clouds

  1. Who knew, just 8 days later, I’d be back up in a plane, this time to jump out so I could get an even better view of the colors!

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